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2021 Season Think We, not Me Update 4/18

By April 24, 2021No Comments

Welcome to our first
2021 Season Think We, not Me Community Food Growing Program

THANKS go to:

Leslie, Proprietor of Common Ground Organic Farm, one of our TWnM Principal Growers for hosting this Saturday’s Opportunity planting ONIONS, and Volunteers Tess, Kari, and Tom for their 2 hours of camaraderie hoeing, shoveling, raking and planting….

Thank you to our 4 intrepid volunteers, Tess, Kari, Tom, and Karen who dug and raked eight 25-foot-long raised beds and planted 1500 onions! To keep things interesting, we planted 11 varieties: Walla Walla, Candy, Red Candy, bottle, red, white, yellow Stuttgart, Yellow Granex, Red Wing, Patterson, and Yellow Sweet Spanish onions. We had interesting discussions on many topics, which made the 2 hours go by very quickly.

It was wonderful to get back outside after a long winter and work in the soil again! As always I really enjoyed meeting other volunteers and chatting with them. Leslie is a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot about how and why we plant onions when we do. Learning more about how the local environment influences how and when to plant different crops is one of my favorite things about volunteering with TWnM. You can look this stuff up on the internet but there is nothing like having someone local who knows our seasons and soil to teach us home gardeners about what will work best for us and to better contextualize the work we’re doing in the field.

I enjoyed working yesterday and the time went quite quickly! Nice conversation and the feeling that with several people working the space we covered just was not so big after all. I certainly learned more about growing onions, something I have not yet tried in my own garden. Particularly interesting to me is the difference between onion sets and seedling onions and the fact that you don’t want to bury them too deep! I do grow garlic and replant garlic and onions are a little different. I look forward to learning more about things I have and have not tried growing myself and gardening in the company of other people rather than doing everything by myself as I do in my own vegetable garden.

I enjoyed getting outside in the fresh air and playing in the dirt. Meeting some new friends and sharing common travel experiences. We grow garlic, but haven’t grown onions before so getting those planted was a new experience for me. Looking forward to learning about other veg that we don’t grow…Kari’s and my most recent project has been to install solar panels on the roof of our house. After proving to myself on paper that solar in cloudy Happy Valley was viable, I have been pleased with being able to supply our consumption and push power to the grid. I look forward to being able to share our experiences in installing solar with others in the group who might be considering it.

Next Saturday, we’ll go back to CGF to complete Planting Onions, and begin with the Potatoes….

We have 2 more onion beds to plant, then we’ll mulch everything with straw and install the fabric row covers to prevent insect damage.

No digging or shovels required this time!

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