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9/12 Think We not Me Community Food Growing Program Update

By September 12, 2021April 3rd, 2022No Comments

TWnM Many THANKS go to-

September 8th volunteers Bob, Drew, and Wendy harvested corn, butternut squash and acorn squash at Nittany Meadow Farm.

September 6th volunteers Bill, Kari and Tom, Wanda, Patty, Carol, and Lauren came out on a beautiful Labor Day morning to pick apples and pears at the Schmel’s Orchard.

September 5th volunteers Mike and Tara harvest butternut squash and acorn squash.

September 1st volunteers Leslie and Carol harvested beans and tomatoes at Common Ground Organic Farm.

And, finally, the following benefitted from this week’s TWnM donations: St. Andrews Community Cafe, Clients of the Centre County YMCA, and State College Food Bank

Some of the wonderful produce that they received: beans, corn, lettuce, canteloupe, pears, peppers, acorn squash, butternut squash, and tomatoes


If you know of locations willing to post our ‘TWnM Need Volunteers” sign, please let me know….Karen


To Volunteer, please go to our Website:, Log in, Click on Volunteer, Opportunities, and Sign up!    (NOTE:  You MUST log into the Website to be able to Sign Up for Opportunities)

Thank you for your continued interest and help!  Please share our story and Website with others who may be interested in Volunteering with us…    We are limited only by the # of Volunteers we can engage to help us!


If you haven’t……

Please See Town & Gown’s May Issue to read about

Think We, not Me!

From Heart to Table: Think We, not Me is making an edible difference for residents in need, while offering gardening experience and expertise to volunteers