Composting & Tilling


Date: November 7, 2021

Start time: 01:00 p.m. EST

End time: 03:00 p.m. EST

Venue: Ken’s Field

Coordinates: 40.777960, -77.768556

Directions: 1302 Boal Ave, Boalsburg (just past overpass of 322E and Boal Ave, look for blue lion statue at end of the driveway on the house # sign, along with “Think We’not Me”


Join our team to amend the soil with high-quality organic compost in preparation for the 2021 growing season! We’re looking for volunteers to rake out the compost that will be placed around a 40’ by 50’ parcel within Ken’s garden area. This parcel will be planted for the first time next year with high-demand crops like carrots and lettuce that need the soil quality that composting provides. Please join us and help expand the types and the quality of the produce we offer!

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